05 January 2021

Law Commission’s Consultation on Weddings Law

15 July 2020

A 2010 Nikah ceremony between parties at Oldham Register Office did not qualify under English law

15 May 2020

Is the coronavirus ban on weddings lawful?

21 February 2020

Unbeknown to me

by Simran Kalra

18 January 2020

What’s law got to do with it?

by Simran Kalra

14 January 2020

Beginnings, misgivings and leaving the closet 

by Simran Kalra

28 December 2019

Muslim marriage and divorce practices in contemporary Britain

By Shaheen Ali and Justin Jones

12 December 2019

Misbehaving imams must be held to account

Sheema Khan, Special to The Globe and Mail

24 October 2019

Saleha Islam

In communities that practice Islam, great emphasis is placed on marriage. Quotes such as ‘marriage is half your Deen (faith)’ are taken extremely seriously.

24 September 2019

Case Study: Burial or Cremation

Barbara Peters

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